Parvana’s Journey chapter 1-15

Chapter 1

Parvana was burrying her father when a man saw her. The man thought she was a boy, because she had short hair. He asked her to come with him and live together with him and his family. She had nowhere else to go, and she didn’t know where the rest of her family was, so she took her belonings with her and followed the man. She stayed there for a while and felt nearly as usual. But she understood that she really had to leave! She could tell by one of the children who woke her up at night and told her that the man and his friends were planning to sell her to the taliban soldiers. She started her serch of her family, and she was all alone.

Chapter 2

On her journey Parvana meets a woman, who’s also alone. She tries to talk to the woman, but she gets no answer. She asks the women for food or something to drink. She gets really angry when the woman just ignores her, so she’s temped to hit her, but when she sees the woman’s eyes, she regrets her thought. The eyes of the woman are dead and they haven’t got any hope left at all. The woman is dead before she has died. Parvana had seen this kind of eyes before. They belonged to people who had lost everything, inclueding their hope. She knew she couldn’t help the woman and the woman could’n help her, so she kept walking.

Chapter 3

After a while she found an abandoned village. She thought that she might find something to eat or drink there, so she started to search in the houses. She felt a little bit bad when she took someone elses food, but the persons it belonged to couldn’t eat it, anyway. They were probably all dead now, and she was in need of food.

She didn’t only find old rice and dry bread, she also found a baby! The baby was screaming for help. In the same house as the baby, she saw a dead woman. Probably the baby’s mother. Parvana couldn’t just leave the baby so she took it with her and named it Hassan. She liked to have someone to talk to and the feeling of not being all alone anymore.

Parvana also found some hens and was going to kill one, for eating it. She didn’t really like it, but she was hungry. When she stood there, trying to grab one, she suddenly, at a glance, saw something that made her very afraid. What she saw was the taliban soldiers. She had to run away, fast! If they would find her it would be terrible. She ran and ran and when she was far away from the village she could relax. She kept walking, now together with Hassan…

Chapter 4

Later Parvana found a cave she thought could be a nice place to sleep and rest in for a while. She went in to it, with Hassan in her hands. Suddenly she can hear someone telling them to leave. First she get scared, but then she can hear that the voice is coming from a young boy. When she’s telling the boy that she’s got food, he comes out from the cave, so that Parvana can see what he does look like. He has only got one leg! And his clothers isn’t nice… She tried to talk and be kind to him, but she gets nothing but angry and rude answers.

Chapter 5 & 6

They were all, Parvana, Asif and Hassan, in need of food and water to drink, but they didn’t know where to find it. They were dreaming of jewels and other things they’d like to find. Parvana once read about Alexander the Great and she remembered that he used to hide treasures in for exampel  caves. Think if there was a hidden treasure in their cave? A box full with jewels and diamonds! Parvana told Asif about her thoughts and he did actually start searching for the treasure, togheter with Parvana. They dug and dug and dug, but what did they found? Only stones. After a while Parvana felt something hard in the ground. Was it just another stone or could it be the treasure? Asif helped her and after some digging they could se that it actually was a box! They kept digging til they could be able to pick the box up. They open the box together, and what did they find? Bullets. Only bullets.

 Chapter 7

Parvana knew that she had to keep on walking. She had to go looking for her family. She told Asif about her plans. She thought it would be lovely to leave him after, and Asif understood that. He said that he was coming with her, just to annoy her, but I think that wasn’t the only reason. I don’t think he wanted to be alone or leave Parvana and Hassan.

Chapter 8

The three children came, after some days, to a village. Parvana asked for a job and all she wantéd for the work was food. A man said that she could get a little bit food it she cleaned his chicken house. In the chicken house Parvana could see some forgotten eggs, and she was very tempted to take them, but she couldn’t. She thought about her father. He never did something like that. Not even if he would be out of food he would do it. But she did regret it when the man gave her the food for working. The only food they did get was some old rice! And it wasn’t much, and they were three to share it! She begged for more but the man didn’t care too much. She told Asif about the eggs in the chicken house, and he asked: Why don’t go back and get them now? Parvana thought it was too risky for them to do it in day-time, but that they could wait and do it at night-time. And so they did! Parvana didn’t even feel sorry for what she did do, because she thought that people who cheats children deserve to have bad things happened to them. I agree with Parvana and I think she needed the eggs more than the man.

Chapter 9 & 10

The children hurried away from the village with the chicken house. They kept walking until they needed a rest. They found a place were they could sleep and stay for a while. One day Parvana and Asif had a competition. The one that could throw a stone most far away, won. They threw and threw until something terrible happened! Parvana’s stone hit a mine and there was a big explosion! They were in the middle of a mine field! They had no idea what to do. Should they risk their lives and go over the mine field or should they stay and die starving? They sat down on the ground, hugging each other and they were all crying and crying.

Chapter 11

They kept crying until they saw someone coming towards them over the mine field. “Do you think she’s real?” asked Asif. It could be an imaginition but Parvana saw her to. It was a girl! She ran to them and hugged them. She told them she had been alone with her grandmother, who didn’t talk, for a long time now. Because of that she talked a lot! She took them to her house and said that they could live there if they wanted to. The house was small and not very nice. It looked like it haden’t been cleaned for a long time. There were spots of mud on the house and it was falling apart. The girl, that looked like at the maximum eight years old, told them her name was Leila. She lived alone with her grandmother, because her mother had gone looking for the rest of their family. The grandmother hadn’t talked or moved since the day she left. But Leila did survive on her own. She said that the mine field liked her, because she fed it every time she ate.

 Chapter 12

How could Leila get food enough all alone? Well, she had the mine field! Every time she heard an explosion she ran over there and looked who the victime was. Sometimes it was a goat, and then she had food for a time. Sometimes it was a human beeing, and maybe he or she had things she could use. Parvana and Asif liked the place and now they didn’t need to be hungry all the time. They decided to stay for a while. Parvana helped Leila to clean up the place and the house. They called the village for “Green Valley”, probably because they wished it was.

 Chapter 13

 One day Leila asked Parvana if she wanted to be her sister, because she had always dreamt about a sister. They decided to be sisters, even sisters to Asif and Hassan. Grandmother now was all the children’s grandmother and they now were a family! They liked beeing together in Green Valley and they soon got their own habits. Asif spent a lot of time together with Hassan and Parvana taught Leila and grandmother to read and write. Grandmother became stronger and sometimes she even sat with them and listened to them. Hassan started to crawl and stand up on his own. He wasn’t easy to look after anymore and one day they couldn’t find him! They got scared, because Hassan could be on the mine field. So after that he had to have a rope around his waist so that he couldn’t crawl away.  

Chapter 14

The children could get washed and cleaned now and they weren’t hungry all the time, or lonely. Now they had each other and they could even feel safe in Green Valley! They felt just like that the war couldn’t come to Green valley or to them. Sooner they found out that they were wrong! At the night it was hard to sleep, because of the sound of all the bombing in the villages around them. The bombs started to fall more and more often and the children started to get more and more afraid.

 Chapter 15

One night when Asif, Leila and Parvana were sitting singing togheter, the bombs started to fall from the air. The sound got higher and they knew that the planes with the bombs came closer. They sang higher to shout down the sound of bombing. They kept singing even when the bombs were falling all around them. Leila wanted to go to grandmother and take her outside, because she didn’t move by herself, but Parvana didn’t let her. Grandmother died that night. The whole house, with grandmother inside, were bombed into pieces.

Chapter 16

There were nothing they could do about this and now when Green Valley was gone, they kept walking. Parvana was concerned that she didn’t have any head covering, because her hair had now grown longer and maybe the Talibans would see that she was a girl, and that wasn’t good.

 Chapter 17

The children didn’t understand why people were bombing and killing. They didn’t either understand who they were bombing and killing. One night Leila asked Parvana something like: “Who does the bombs kill?” Parvana didn’t like the answer, but she didn’t want to lie: “Children like us.”

The children didn’t know if they would survive much longer,  because of the bombs, but also the fact that they didn’t eat or drink enought. Hassan was really weak. They met a family one day and started to beg for food or water. But the family couldn’t offer anything. They were as poor as the children. They had a baby too, and he looked just as tired and far away as Hassan did. The family told them about a camp for refugees, and they describe the way to get there.  

Chapter 18 & 19

They came to the camp and theire were a lot of people and tents! The children went to the nurse-tent with Hassan. A nurse told them she didn’t know if Hassan would survive, but she’d try her best. She gived them some soap and a tent. The children were pleased. They put up the tent on the smal place they had.

The good about the camp were that they could get bread and water, after a whole day of standing in the line. Parvana became the one who did this, while Leila looked after theire belongings and Asif went to Hassan.

Chapter 20 & 21

One day they could hear planes flying above the camp. The children thought they were going to bomb them. Parvana went out of the tent and looked at the plains. From them, it didn’t come bombs, it came yellow packages instead. The people on the camp all stood there and just stared. They were afraid of beeing blowed up if they would touch the yellow things. A boy suddenly yelled: it’s food! And everyone went crazy. People run to the yellow packages. Beside the camp there was a mine field, and the yellow packages had land there to,unfortunately. Leila saw it and told Parvana that she could go there, because the mine field always had liked her. Parvana refused to let her. She told Asif about it, but at the same time she heared an explositon! It was to late… Leila was killed by the mine field. Parvana was afraid! Her sister was lying out there, full with blood. She ran out to her, she knew she could die, but she couldn’t just let her lie there. She ran back to the camp with her in her arms. Leila’s last words were: “They were so beautiful”… Parvana sat beside her dead sister and cried. She heared a woman asking who the children was and who she belonged to. Someone told her she had her brothers and sister her, but no parents. Parvana knew she had heared that voice before! She looked up and when she saw the woman she just could stop cry. It was her mother! She cried for Leila and she cried for her family, and totaly different reasons; sadness and happiness.


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